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About Us - Our Recruitment Consultants & HR Support Solutions | JOYN

About Us

JOYN is not a recruitment agency, although that is how our story began. Our founders launched Rice Consulting in Auckland in 2009 which specialised in recruiting for the HR & Recruitment industries.







By 2012, it had become apparent that more people than ever were looking to work in more flexible and non-traditional ways, including those in the Human Resources & Recruitment sector themselves.

By then, technology had caught up to the point where most had the tools at their disposal to deliver their expertise remotely and virtually. When a large NZ company needed 10 recruiters on hourly pay rates on short notice, we were able to deliver. Using those recruiters, the company could run a significant assessment centre project. And so, Virtual Recruitment Process Outsourcing was born.
In 2015, v.RPO opened in Christchurch, and then the following year in Wellington, experiencing rapid growth along the way, experiencing rapid growth along the way.
After years of refining the model, and witnessing the cost-savings and results delivered to an increasing client base, in 2017 we renamed the business JOYN.

By adding some technological smarts to the existing human-powered model, we can deliver the same outstanding results at a fraction of the cost. Beyond that, we can offer more control and visibility for freelancers and clients along the way. New Zealand companies can now work with HR consulting experts all throughout the recruitment and HR sectors for a range of jobs, including:

Discover Our HR Support Solutions and Start Hiring Recruitment Consultants

Hiring experienced HR professionals and recruitment consultants has never been easier. JOYN facilitates the connection between client and consultant, taking all the hassle out of getting a competent freelancer. Discover how JOYN’s HR consultancy services work below, and join JOYN today!


Businesses who trust JOYN

Businesses who trust JOYN - Pacificon, ANZCO
Businesses who trust JOYN - Bevie, Generator
Businesses who trust JOYN - TotalSpan, Harmoney
Businesses who trust JOYN - Tasti, Nectar
Businesses who trust JOYN - Crown Equipment, My Food Bag, Canterbury District Health Board
Businesses who trust JOYN - Sovereign, ERoad
Businesses who trust JOYN - Stellar, KPMG
Businesses who trust JOYN - TransDiesel, Edawrds & Hardy Roofing
Businesses who trust JOYN - Augusto, TMNZ, Carters
Businesses who trust JOYN - Survus Consultants, Lendi
Businesses who trust JOYN - OnceIt, Halter, Nature Baby
Businesses who trust JOYN - Air New Zealand
Businesses who trust JOYN - Pacific Radiology, ClickDimensions
Businesses who trust JOYN - Molly Woppy, Westland Milk Products

"I was so impressed with my JOYN consultant. She got me, my business and what I wanted straight away. I loved that I paid for the time the work took rather than being charged large fees like traditional recruitment companies. Hopefully the business will continue to grow and I will need additional staff in the future. When this happens I will be going straight back to JOYN and recommend them for anyone who is looking at recruiting staff."
Phillippa Roil, PR Marketing Solutions

"I just wanted to drop through a huge thank you to you and the team for our recent successful recruitment. The JOYN model has worked really well for us and I've already recommended it to a number of people."
Shane Heenan, Foot Science International

"JOYN have been great to deal with. They helped us get 2 new qualified staff members within 3 weeks of using them. What is even better, is the fact they were half of the cost of a normal recruitment agency. Good communication and great support"
Gabby Simpson, GoFi8ure

"I think JOYN is an awesome tool for recruitment, I am very impressed with the straight forward approach Dee applies, she absolutely nailed it, and the reflection on the dashboard is excellent."
Simone von Fircks, AROA Biosurgery

"Working with JOYN has been one of the most painless and fruitful recruitment experiences we have had at Onceit. I believe the value and efficiency the team offer will massively disrupt the market. "
Jay Goodey, Onceit

"Convenient. Great resources. Quick process."
Meagan Halpin, My Food Bag