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JOYN Client Dashboard | JOYN Online HR and Recruitment Services

How it Works

JOYN combines human expertise with technological smarts to enable businesses to achieve better hires at half the cost

JOYN's Process

⇒ Scope out your requirements with a JOYN Account Manager

⇒ Accept and sign off on your bespoke project proposal

⇒ Meet and brief your JOYN Consultant

⇒ Login to your Client Dashboard to monitor activity, progress and spend

⇒ Communicate via regular Consultant updates and activity digests

⇒ Approve weekly timesheets via email or dashboard

⇒ Rate your JOYN Consultant upon assignment completion

⇒ Review your personalised project report revealing outcomes and cost-per-hire data

⇒ Re-Engage with your JOYN Consultant for further support, or choose a different specialist for different projects

JOYN Client Dashboard

You will gain access to your own private, cloud-based JOYN Client Dashboard which will provide you with:

Current Assignment Tracker

See all your live recruitment assignments and HR projects, which consultants are working on them, what stage the assignment has reached and how much of your budget has been spent on each to date.

Expand the view to drill down into the data and see how many candidates have been sourced, screened, interviewed and shortlisted.

Your Consultants

Gain quick access to the contact details and profiles for recruitment and HR consultants currently working for you, plus those you have used in the past.

Your Timesheets

Easy to use notification panel to view detailed weekly timesheets submitted for your approval.

Your Job Ads

Receive job advert copy from your consultants for your approval, along with a quote for the suggested job board placements. One-click approval sees the job ad automatically upload to the job board selected.

Your Budget

See in real-time your current monthly spend based on approved timesheets. We will also let you know historical cost-per-hire data

Past Assignments

Quick reference point to see past completed assignments and download the post-assignment report to review the project outcomes.

Live Help

Reach out to JOYN at any time for fast and effective support and advice.

Rate Your recruiter

Once you have notified your consultant that an assignment is complete you will receive an opportunity to rate your consultant on a scale of one to ten, plus add any optional comments.

Project Report

After you have rated your consultant you will be able to view your project outcomes in an appealing report that will detail the time spent, the costs, the money saved and the overall result.

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