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How JOYN Works:
Our Methods of Recruitment

JOYN combines human expertise with technological smarts to help businesses achieve better methods of recruitment at half the cost. Follow our processes to make the recruitment process easy for your business.

Follow our process



out your requirements with a JOYN Account Manager


and sign off on your bespoke project proposal


and brief your JOYN Consultant


to your Client Dashboard to monitor activity, progress and spend


via regular Consultant updates and activity digests


weekly timesheets via email or dashboard


your JOYN Consultant upon assignment completion


your personalised project report revealing outcomes and cost-per-hire data


with your JOYN Consultant for further support, or choose a different specialist for different projects

How to Get Started with Your Recruitment Strategy

The first step in figuring out your recruitment strategy is to meet with a JOYN account manager, and your JOYN Consultant, who will listen to your needs and requirements for your hiring process and help you figure out the next steps. Once we have established your project proposal, you can provide all the details to your JOYN Consultant, who will use their expertise to secure top talent for your business. Your JOYN consultant will be matched with you according to their skill set, experience, networks, and qualifications, to ensure the right fit. At JOYN, we take the time and care to make sure all our clients are matched with the perfect recruitment consultant or HR professional for their needs.

JOYN Client Dashboard

You will gain access to your own private, cloud-based JOYN Client Dashboard which will provide you with:


Once you have your log-in details for your account, JOYN is simple and easy to navigate. The JOYN consultant dashboard is a cloud-based system that gives you access to a variety of exclusive features, including a live assignments tracker, talent pooling, and in depth hiring metrics. You will also be able to see your project's cost and progress in real-time and enjoy pay-as-you-go recruitment. Weekly timesheets can be approved by email or dashboard.

Receive Support Throughout the Recruitment Process

Your JOYN Consultant will proactively drive and guide the entire recruitment process, providing regular updates and activity digests so that you stay informed. At JOYN, we are known for our excellent communication and transparency with all our clients. Upon completion of your project, you will have the opportunity to rate and review your experience with JOYN. If you would prefer a different JOYN recruitment consultant for your next project, we can meet with you to find a better fit for your needs.

If you need any assistance regarding JOYN’s methods of recruitment, we are happy to answer all your questions online or over the phone.

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