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How is JOYN different to a recruitment agency?
JOYN is a community of freelance recruitment and HR consultants managed centrally and ready to be your dedicated on-demand in-house expert. They operate as an extension of your brand as and when you need them and cover all of New Zealand. You pay for their time on hourly rates, plus any materials used like advertising, with no hidden costs and no large placement fee at the end. JOYN does not build up a database of candidates to place in your competitors either. Any IP generated by your consultant, including CVs for applicants to your jobs, is yours to own and use for your business alone.

What can you help my business with?
We are able to provide end-to-end recruitment and HR services for businesses in all sectors and all sizes. We are agile and can also unbundle the offering to provide you support for just parts of the process, if desired. With a large New Zealand-wide community of Recruitment and HR professionals in our network we can match the right consultant to the right client for any type of project out there. Click through to find out more.

How much does it cost?
You pay for your consultant’s hourly rate plus any add-ons such as advertising or psychometric testing. The hourly rate depends upon the level of consultant best suited to support you, plus the scale and complexity of the project. For recruitment, most standard hires take between 20 – 40 hours, and your consultant will work closely with you so you are across the progress of your project and receiving real time market information. The cost for HR varies depending on your requirement and will be quoted at time of enquiry. Here’s how you can keep track of it all...

How do I get billed?
You will receive weekly timesheets from your consultant detailing the number of hours worked each day and the activities undertaken. Timesheets can be approved by one click from an email or your dashboard. You will be invoiced at the beginning of each month, for the previous month’s time and materials approved by you. Payment terms can be modified to fit in with your own company’s pay run.

Is there a free replacement guarantee?
We don’t guarantee placements because we work as an extension of your business, consult with you as we go, and run a very robust process so by the time you hire, you are completely confident with and invested in the person you select. We also provide you with the entire shortlist so, if anything happens, that we couldn’t have mitigated or foreseen as part of the process, we will go back to the other candidates to ensure quick access to a replacement. If the consultant selected to partner with you fails to perform their services satisfactorily during the first two days of the assignment, JOYN will cancel all charges from the first two days and furnish a replacement consultant to continue with your assignment.

How do I get started?
Check out our Contact Us page to select your preferred method of contact. One of our Account Managers will call you to discuss your needs and ensure we gain a thorough understanding of you and your business requirements. Typically, we will come to see you to make a face to face connection and from there build a suitable plan. Once you’re happy and ready to go, we will set you up as a client and introduce you to the consultant best matched with you.


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