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How does it work?
JOYN is a platform for recruitment & HR professionals to deliver their expertise and service to a wide range of businesses and earn hourly rates for their work. Our Account Managers generate the pipeline of work and our Consultant Managers support you during your assignments, so you can focus on doing what you do best. We also provide you access to a cutting-edge, cloud-based dashboard with Applicant Tracking System and other tools to help you run your assignments in an optimal way.

How much work will I get?
We cannot guarantee the volume of work but we constantly endeavour to keep all of our freelance consultants working as near to capacity as possible. What capacity means for you, is totally up to you. We are a flexible and agile solution and you can set your own availability levels, plus switch yourself off completely if you decide to take a break or don’t want to be found by new clients.

Can I work for JOYN if I already have my own clients?
Yes, you can, as long as it doesn’t impact upon, or conflict with, any assignments you have agreed to undertake through JOYN. We often find consultants enjoying working with our dashboard so much that they want to use it to run their other assignments with their personal clients. In these instances, we will need to sign your client up to JOYN so that we can then load their assignments up into our system.

How do I get paid?
You will get paid based upon the number of approved hours you have completed each month. You will have an online timesheet to complete for each live assignment, which must be submitted by the end of each week. Pay day is the 10th of each month and you will get paid for the number of approved hours from the previous month’s timesheets, at the pre-agreed hourly rates for each assignment, plus any expenses incurred and approved by your clients.

Do I have the skills & experience to join?
JOYN has a thorough vetting process to ensure that all of our consultants are able to deliver their services at a very high standard and to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Minimum criteria to work with JOYN as a recruiter is end to end Agency experience or High Level end to end Internal Recruitment experience where you have been consulting with hiring managers. We also look for experience with recruitment process design and development of sourcing strategies, a sound working knowledge of recruitment tools and channels, plus advert writing expertise. Sound like you?

Do I have to be GST-registered?
No, although we recommend you register for GST if you intend on working as a professional contractor. You also have the option of working through Contractor Management companies too, and we can provide advice and further information on how this works if you would rather not be GST-registered.

What kind of support will I get?
JOYN has regional Consultant Managers who are there for you to support you on your assignments, provide technical systems support, and keep you abreast of events, development courses, and other goings on in the JOYN community. You will also have access to our other freelance consultants, JOYN's Account Managers, plus live chat and a “Your Community” section of your dashboard with a live newsfeed keeping you informed.

What happens if I get a bad rating?
At the end of every assignment your client receives an opportunity to rate the service they received from you and this score feeds into an overall Rating score on your Profile. If you ever feel that you have been scored unfairly then a JOYN Director will discuss the client’s feedback with them directly and will have the ability, at their sole discretion, and in exceptional circumstances, to remove the score from your rolling average Rating.

Is there an Applicant Tracking System?
When set up as a JOYN consultant you will have access to your own dashboard which includes your own ATS. Here you will be able to track live assignments, automatically upload adverts to SEEK and Trade Me Jobs, receive applications from job boards, create candidates, upload documents, manage communications and rejections, and coordinate and manage the entire process from briefing to offer stages. Check our Tools & features page to learn more.

What technology do I need to have?
To work with JOYN as a freelance consultant you will need your own computer, an internet connection, and a mobile phone on a suitable calling plan.

Is there an office to work from?
We have a head office in Auckland if you need to come and work in an office during assignments. We also have access to partner centres at 34 locations around New Zealand should you need a professional environment for meeting clients or interviewing candidates.

How do I get started?
Visit the Work With JOYN page to get in touch and commence our pre-registration assessment process.


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