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Ultimate Guide to Hiring

With or without a recruiter

Making the wrong hire is a costly process.

In short, a bad hire wastes time, drains money, and can have a long-lasting impact on the success of your business. It's vital that every hire you make is the right one.

This guide is designed to help you make sure you fill vacancies in the most effective way possible, helping to ensure the next hire is a long term success, rather than a short term fix.

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Inside the Guide

How to find great people with or without a recruiter

In reading this guide, you'll learn about how to fill job vacancies in the most effective way possible, helping to ensure that the next hire you make is a long term success (and not just a temporary fix).

  • Why hiring a bad fit is so darn expensive and what you can do about it
  • Killer advice so you can nail the hiring process and make the right hire
  • The pros and cons of using an agency to find people (or doing it yourself!)


Finding the Right Person

Our Recruiters are not incentivised by commission, they are rewarded by the quality of the work they do, with strong client relationships and a publicly-visible client rating system.

We charge an hourly rate, and get the job done right, which works out to better hires at a fraction of the usual cost.


Human Expertise

We have a wide range of consultants across New Zealand with networks, knowledge and expertise in your niche.

Easy Management

Approve timesheets and job adverts with a click of a button. Receive real-time updates on your online dashboard keeping you informed with the project’s progress as you go.

Dig deeper into the candidate data and monitor your spend, cost-per-hire, and rate your Consultants all from a single platform.



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