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JOYN Consultant Dashboard

With JOYN you will have access to your own cloud-based Consultant Dashboard providing you with the most cutting-edge recruitment tools available to deliver exceptional outcomes for your clients.

Features include:

JOYN Recruitment Consultant profile

Your Profile

Write your recruitment or HR bio, set your pay rates, highlight your areas of expertise and see how you're doing with your own client feedback rating.

JOYN Dashboard - your pay section

Your Pay

See in real-time how much money you have earned this month, when the next pay date lands, plus access historical pay data and payslips.

JOYN recuitment assignment tracker

Live Assignments Tracker

Snapshot view of the stage and progress of your current Assignments, including a candidate search feature, the JOYN Applicant Tracking System and the JOYN job poster integration.


Applicant Tracking System

Each Assignment has its own ATS integrated with SEEK and Trade Me Jobs, with drag and drop candidate management, video screening, client collaboration and email templates.

JOYN's Timesheeting system


Enter time blocks and expenses and add notes detailing your Activity in JOYN's colour-sorted and easy-to-use Timesheeting system.

JOYN knowledge center

Knowledge Centre

Access JOYN's library of recruitment templates, recruitment best practices, how-to video tutorials, and tools to help you deliver exceptional Consulting services.

JOYN Contractor Community

Your Community

Follow the live newsfeed for updates from JOYN or conversations with other freelance consultants in the network. Share updates of your own or ask your peers for ideas and advice.

Add Your Clients

Add Your Clients

Bring your existing clients with you and get paid higher rates while benefitting from full use of JOYN's technology, tools and support.

Whilst the JOYN platform has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use, you will also receive all the support you might need to make the most of these tools. You will receive onboarding training from JOYN’s Community Manager as well as an in-product tutorial to guide new users through the different processes. The highly responsive JOYN Helpdesk will handle any technical issues and the rest of the JOYN team, who are all highly experienced recruiters, will always be happy to help with any tricky assignments where advice is needed.

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