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HR Health Check

JOYN are excited to offer you our 'HR Health Check', a painless and cost effective audit of all of your current HR policies, procedures, practices and goals in order to ensure you're not just compliant, but enabled to grow and optimise your team.


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What we do

  •  Discovery session conducted with one of JOYN's highly experienced HR Consultants
  •  Measure your compliance and efficacy across all facets of HR including Training and Development, Employee Relations, Performance Management and Recruitment
  •  Comprehensive but easy-to-read report with radar graph summarising current company HR Health
  •  Clear scoring system to quickly highlight areas of strength and weakness
  •  Detailed consultant notes to instruct on remedies, fixes and follow ups

With the increasing complexity of modern workplaces, now is the perfect time to get your HR in order and our Health Check is the perfect tool to develop your HR plan for the coming year.

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