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Recruitment Services

JOYN is Recruitment-as-a-Service, matching you up with your own recruitment consultant who will deliver their expertise to your business on a time and materials basis.

Unlike the traditional recruitment agency approach, JOYN is a no-fee per hire solution.

Simply pay for the time your consultant works for you plus any add-ons like advertising. If you decide to make more than one hire, that's totally up to you, and won't result in being billed multiple fees for the same amount of work.

Our freelance recruitment experts are thoroughly assessed and vetted, then matched up with the right client or project to benefit most from their particular skills and experience.

Once you have met your consultant and briefed them on your assignment, you can carry on with your own busy schedule while they take care of the recruitment side of things for you.

Treat your consultant like your own on-demand internal recruitment department that you can switch on and off as it suits your business's needs.

JOYN's network of consultants can provide advice and support in:

Full Control

Enjoy superior visibility of your Recruitment projects with your own dashboard displaying the assignment progress.

Receive weekly timesheets detailing your consultant's activity. Maintain control over budgets with your dashboard's real-time project cost feature. Then when your assignment is complete, rate your consultant and receive a report detailing your project outcomes.

JOYN's recruitment service enables you to make a better hire at half the cost, truly making it the smarter way to recruit.